Admission: $12 Per Person or $35/Family of 4. Admission is available for purchase at the door//Cash Only (There is a cash machine in the lobby)

VIP Access – Saturday Morning Only: $25.00/Per Person and $75.00/Family of 4.
VIP Access starts at 9AM Saturday morning and allows you access to the show 1 hour before the doors open to the general public. This gives an enthusiastic and/or buyer the opportunity to see everything the vendors have to offer BEFORE the general public. Get those beauties before others even see them! It also gives you access to every vendors without the crowds so if you have a questions for the vendor(s) or you just like to beat the rush - then this is the best time to attend the show! PLUS, our Vendors offer VIP Discounts during this VIP Hour – A confirmed list of VIP Hour discounts offered for 2020 will be posted a couple week prior to the show but for now, take a look at the list below to see what was offered last year.  

While VIP Tickets will be sold at the door on Saturday morning - we strongly recommend pre-purchasing your VIP Access ticket to avoid the line ups for the 2020 show in advance!
It’s easy, just click on the BUY TICKETS button below to make your purchase:



In addition to getting first access, we will also be looking for vendors who are interested in offering discounted prices during the VIP hour.  This was very successful in years past and there was a lot of great deals to be had during the VIP hour.  Vendors offering discounts will be added closer to the show.

Vendors Offering VIP Discounts from 9am-10am on Saturday Morning (VIP Hour) - Please inquire with vendors for details on discounts
Listing of vendors offering discounts will be updated as they come.  This list is growing so please check back each day leading up to the show.

VIP Sales for 2019

Cornel's World Terrariums - will offer 15% off on available racks at the show, 10% off on available PVC Cages at the show, 20% off on handling equipment hides, and rodent watering supplies. Thermostats will be 5% off
Stargazer Exotics 
25% natural terrarium accents.  Free gift from the coconut collection to all vip customers 
Schoolhouse Pets - 10% off Feeders and animals
Chaotic Xotics - 10% Off Exoterra Enclosures and Merchandise
Rockdoc Reptiles - 10%-15% of animals
Lunatic Lotls - 10% off animals
Calgary Reptile Parties - 10% off Large Plush Animals
Cellar Dweller Exotics - 25% off Ball Pythons
Deadlyfit Pythons - 25% off animals
Gecko Place - 10% off Geckos
New World Reptiles - 20% off Snakes
Mortal Coil Exotics - 10% off animals

These were the deals for 2018 being offered


Cornel's World Terrariums - will offer 15% off on available racks at the show, 10% off on available PVC Cages at the show, 20% off on handling equipment hides, and rodent watering supplies. Thermostats will be 5% off
J&J Reptiles - Discounts to be listed closer to the show
Ballistic Pythons - 10% off on all animals
Ryan Gosselin Reptiles - 10% Off everything
Next Morph - 10% Off animals
Arachnophiliacs - Brazilian White Knee 2" - 3" juvenile females 125$

Colombian Giant Red Leg 2"+ juvenile females 100$
Brazilian Giant Blonde 4" semi adult females 175$
King Baboon juveniles 3/4" - 1" 20$
Venezuelan Tree Tiger 4" subadult females 150$
Brazilian Blue 3" - 4" subadult males 125$
Burgundy Goliath ST 5" - 7" males 140$
Amazon Giant Blue Arrow Birdeater 2" 150$
Bearded Dragons - assorted 60$
Chahouha Gecko adult male 400$
Kei Island Blue Tongue Skink 550$
25$ off all Ball Pythons priced over 100$
Plus all of our regular show specials!
Stargazer Exotics -  Free $20 gift  from our Coocoo for Coconut Collection with  purchase of $100 during vip.  Also 15% bulk live mosses and all types of "drift wood " type product.
Deadlyfit Pythons - 20% off Ball Pythons
Gecko Place - 10% off geckos
Lunatic Lotls - 15% off animals

More to come as vendors respond