Look at this great lineup we already have.  This goes to show what great vendors we have as the show is 1/2 booked the last day of the 2018 show.  If you want to become part of the best show in Canada, please send an email to [email protected], and we can send you an information package.  Vendors and patrons alike have commented that this is the best, most entertaining show in Western Canada and possibly all of Canada.  We hope you can be a part of it in 2019.  Spots are limited so if you are wanting to book a table it is in your best interest to book early. Currently we are sitting at 55 Vendors and 110 tables booked. 

Please fill out this WCRE 2019_REGISTRATION_FORM.PDF and send it to [email protected] if you would like to book your spot.

2019 Show Vendors Booked To Date
Updated August 15, 2019


Zoo Med Show Host Sponsor
Cornel's World Promoter/Vendor
Canadian Mouseman Promoter/Vendor
Blue Tongue Exotics Promoter/Vendor
Big Als Edmonton Sponsor/Vendor
Petland Sponsor/Vendor
Reptile Runner Sponsor/Vendor
Tails and Scales Sponsor/Vendor
Dutch Dragon Import Sponsor/Vendor
Jungle Jewel Exotics
Baytown Geckos
Robinson's Royal Pythons
Darwin's Reptiles
AJ Pets and Supplies
Dark Art Oddities
New World Reptiles
Tarantula Canada
Cellar Dweller Exotics and Klein Morph Pythons
Lunatic Lotls
Sid Laan Reptiles
Mecca Morphs
Big Al's Edmonton
Stargazer Exotics
Stein's Natural Selection
Thorn's Pythons
Irridescent Exotics
Wrangler Elise
Falconnridge Farms
Chronic Chameleons
Chaotic Exotics
Rock Doc Reptiles
Just Geckos
Next Morph
Big D Exotics
Dragons Tale
Immortal Genetics
Cinful Serpents and Exotics
Anonymous Reptiles
BBR Reptiles
Vexed Geckos
Critters and Crawlers
Gecko Place
Celtic Serpents
Iridescent Exotics
Calgary Avian and Exotic Vet Clinic
BC Reptile Club
Calgary Reptile Parties
Got Reptiles
2M Reptiles
Mortal Coil Exotics
Badland Exotics
Leidybug Reptiles
Kelly Stotz
Parkland Nurseries and Garden Center
Canadian Exotics
Snakeboy Exotics
Myr's CGeckos
Western Reptiles
Deadlyfit Pythons